“Mothers and Babies is one of the best curriculums I have seen implemented in the home visiting programs. The Materials are simple, easy to use, and the outcomes are “life changing””.
— Doris Lusk, Healthy Families Illinois Coordinator, Clay County Health Department, Flora IL.

Introduction to the Mothers & Babies Modules

Mothers and Babies (MB) is a postpartum depression prevention intervention.

There are two formats for the intervention:

  • The 6-session group version of MB is conducted weekly for two hours. It has been used in home visiting (HV) programs and had demonstrated positive outcome for women who receive MB.
  • MB 1-on-1 takes the same core content found in the 6-session group version of MB but delivers the core content via 12 brief sessions. These brief sessions are designed to last 15-20 minutes.

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1 on 1 Format

Sessions 1-2
Sessions 3-5
Sessions 6-8
Sessions 9-11
Session 12
Pleasant Activities
Contact With Others


Group Format

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3-4
Session 5-6
Pleasant Activities
Contact With Others



Mothers & Babies Modules


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