Mothers and Babies is divided into three sections—one on each of these CBT components.

  1. Pleasant Activities
  2. Thoughts
  3. Contact with Others

In each of these sections, participants are first taught to understand how the component influences her mood. This teaching of the relationships between CBT components and mood is referred to as psychoeducation. In addition to psychoeducation, participants also receive concrete skills in each of the three sections (pleasant activities, thoughts, contact with others). These skills are intended to provide participants with a “toolkit” of approaches they can use to improve their mood.

The MB Instructor’s Manual provides additional detail on the theory behind the MB Course.

Parents are their children’s first teachers. These are some of the things your baby needs from you: good communication, reading, music, play. Stress can affect your relationship with your baby. You can learn to manage stress by making certain changes in your life.

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