Mothers & Babies Text Messaging (MB-TEXT)

Mothers & Babies has been widely implemented in home visiting programs, community health centers, and other settings serving perinatal women and has demonstrated success in reducing depressive symptoms and preventing the onset of major depression. MB-TXT is a feasibility and acceptability study of a text-based enhancement to the Mothers & Babies curriculum that reinforces key MB skills, reminds participants to complete MB “personal projects” (homework), and facilitates self-monitoring of one’s mood.

Fathers and Babies (FAB)

Fathers and Babies (FAB) is a brief intervention  with the dual goals of supporting fathers’ mental health and promoting support of their partner’s mental health, as they become parents. FAB teaches skills to help fathers manage stress and to support their partner during pregnancy, after their baby is born, and throughout life. This cognitive-behavioral therapy based intervention also supports healthy attachment and parenting behaviors. The FAB curriculum includes one introductory session that is conducted in-person or by phone with the father, followed by text messages that provide links to session content (e.g., videos, worksheets).

FAB was developed to be delivered in conjunction with the evidence-based postpartum depression intervention, Mothers and Babies (MB). MB is delivered via a series of 12 brief 15-20 minute sessions, either in-person or by phone. When FAB and MB are delivered together, the mother receives MB from a health or human service provider, as well as text messages between sessions to enhance and reinforce skills, via a SMS platform; this, in turn, activates FAB session delivery via text messages with links to content, worksheets, and videos aligned with concurrent MB topics.

For more information, please contact:

Jaime Hamil, MPH, Project Manager

Darius Tandon, PhD, Principal Investigator

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine – Center for Community Health

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