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Pregnancy and having a new child in the home can be an exciting time.  It also can be a stressful time due to a variety of reasons.  Most women experience stress during pregnancy and after delivery—for some, this stress is manageable but for many women the stress can be overwhelming and can lead to depression, anxiety, and challenges in taking care of a new child.

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Details of Our Program

mothers-babiesMothers and Babies Course is a program that reduces stress and promotes healthy mood management. The program focuses on:

  • Tools and support for pregnant and new moms to help manage stress
  • Promoting healthy bonding with baby
  • Promoting healthy communication and social support
  • Techniques and activities to help babies learn

Using the Mothers and Babies program materials, you will learn:

  1. Ways to think about and interact with your baby to create an emotionally and physically healthy reality for him or her.
  2. Helpful information about your pregnancy and your baby’s development.
  3. Ways to manage life stress and improve your mood so:
    • You can feel better and enjoy life more.
    • You can teach your baby how to manage life stress as he or she grows up.
    • You can avoid mood problems such as depression.

Provider and Parent Perspectives

Contact with others and Social Support

Pleasant Activities and Your Mood

Thoughts and Your Mood

Click here to view, “My Parents, My Teachers”, in English or Spanish

a video used in one of the first Mothers & Babies Course activities

– courtesy of El Valor and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation

1 on 1 Format

The MB 1-on-1 intervention is designed to be  implemented by one staff person (e.g. a home visitor) with one client, over the course of 12 brief (15-20 minute) sessions. Each visit includes key points, interactive activities, and a brief script to provide a framework and examples for discussion. These brief sessions are designed so home visitors can integrate the content into the course of a regular home visit or deliver them as supplemental sessions. Between visits, clients work on “personal projects” to practice new skills and reinforce the concepts in the context of their everyday lives. Read More.


Group Format

The MB Group intervention can be facilitated by one or two providers, over the course of six, two-hour group sessions. Each session contains didactic instruction, activities and group discussion, as well as assigned “personal projects” to practice new skills and reinforce key concepts in the context of everyday life. Sessions incorporate aspects of psychoeducation to foster self-awareness and self-efficacy, as well as promotion of healthy bonding and developmentally appropriate mother-infant interactions. Read More.


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