Pleasant Activities

Doing pleasant activities helps gives us the emotional strength to deal with stressful life events. When people do pleasant activities they often feel happier, are more likely to have positive thoughts about their lives, and are more likely to have positive contacts with other people.

  • Doing pleasant activities helps to balance our lives, especially when we are feeling stressed.
  • Some pleasant activities are brief, cost nothing, and can be a part of everyday routines, if we can take time to notice and enjoy them.
  • Mothers can do activities with their babies that can affect both their mood and their babies’ mood
  • Engaging in pleasant activities helps the mother-baby relationship by:
    • Helping mothers have a better mood and be more emotionally strong.
    • Improving the baby’s mood.
    • Strengthening the mother-baby relationship through shared positive activities.
  • When you are feeling down or tired, it is often hard to get the energy to do pleasant activities BUT it may help you feel better and less tired.
  • Many activities are pleasurable because they offer us the chance to experience a sense of mastery or a sense of meaning.

Pleasant Activities


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