Fathers and Babies (FAB)

The Mothers and Babies Research Team at Northwestern University is excited to announce an innovation to the MB Course to better meet the needs of families in home visiting.  Fathers and Babies (FAB) is a brief text based intervention with the dual goals of supporting fathers’ mental health and promoting support of their partner’s mental health, as they become parents. FAB teaches skills to help fathers manage stress and to support their partner during pregnancy, after their baby is born, and throughout life. This cognitive-behavioral therapy based intervention also supports healthy attachment and parenting behaviors. FAB was developed to be delivered in conjunction with the evidence-based postpartum depression intervention, Mothers and Babies (MB).

We invite you to collaborate with us as we evaluate and further develop, refine, and test FAB:

Jaime Hamil, MPH, Project Manager

Darius Tandon, PhD, Principal Investigator

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Institute for Public Health & Medicine, Center for Community Health
Chicago, IL

“It helps you think about a young baby’s future, your own future, your partner’s future, the kids’ future. It helps you think – like, it’s not only for babies and fathers or babies and mothers. It’s broad; it’s for everybody.” - Father from FAB pilot study

Fathers and Babies Project Updates:

  • Development guided by providers, mothers, and fathers
  • Currently pilot testing FAB with 28 Father/Mother dyads
  • Qualitative and Quantitative data collection in process to guide revisions, refinements, and scaling.
  • Developed Father engagement toolkit
  • Currently, there are no other interventions like FAB that attempt to simultaneously improve relationships, parenting practices, and fathers’ mental health with a scalable and technology-based intervention

Next Steps with Fathers and Babies:

  • Refine, revise, and translate FAB based on feedback from providers and fathers
  • Scale and disseminate FAB as a mental health resource
  • Research the effectiveness of FAB (mental health, father engagement, and parenting outcomes)
““It helped me with stress and helped with mental health.” ” - Father from FAB pilot study
“Now, I know how to take a second and breathe and actually like, okay, if I know I’m mad or if I’m frustrated the kids are gonna feel it.” - Father from FAB pilot study

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