Our research has examined the acceptability and efficacy of group and individual versions of the Mothers & Babies intervention in multiple settings where pregnant women and new moms receive services.

Mothers & Babies Research

Our Mothers and Babies team has conducted a variety of research studies that examine intervention impact on maternal and child health and intervention implementation. Research-to-date has shown that Mothers and Babies is effective in preventing the onset of major depression and reducing depressive symptoms. Mothers and Babies was recently highlighted by the United States Preventive Services Task Force as effective in preventing postpartum depression. See the article detailing their recommendation here.

Importantly, our research has also demonstrated that women receiving Mothers and Babies understand intervention material and find the skills useful in their daily lives. Providers delivering Mothers and Babies—both mental health professionals and individuals without formal mental health training (e.g., home visitors) have demonstrated excellent fidelity when implementing.

For more information on results from previous Mothers and Babies studies, click on the Effectiveness button below. Here you will find a list of publications that describe effectiveness and implementation outcomes from our Mothers and Babies research.

For providers and agencies interested in adding an evaluation component to their implementation of Mothers and Babies, click on the Research Resources button below. Here you will find a list of different assessments that can be used to assess various client (e.g., depressive symptoms, perceived stress) and implementation (e.g., fidelity) outcomes.

For a list of current and recently completed Mothers and Babies projects, click on the Current/Past Research button below. Here you will find a short description of each of our current and recently completed studies as well as a contact person to receive more information about each project.

Our Research Team

Mothers and Babies Researchers at Northwestern University

Darius Tandon, PhD

Associate Professor, Medical Social Sciences
Associate Director, Center for Community Health

Erin Ward, MA, MSW

Clinical Research Associate

Jaime Hamil, MPH

Research Project Manager

Alicia Diebold, MSW

Research Data Analyst

Cristina Barkowski, MSW

Research Study Coordinator, Sr

Jocelyne Chavez, BS

Research Study Coordinator

Emma Gier, MPH

Evaluation and Implementation Coordinator

Jessica Johnson, MPH

Sr Program Administrator

Marianne Brennan,MA

Research Project Coordinator

Aiko Lovejoy, BA

Research Assistant

Tiffany Madison, BS

Assessment Specialist

Jessica Ogwumike, BA

Evaluation and Implementation Assistant


Our MB Collaborators

Huynh-Nhu (Mimi) Le, Ph.D.
The Mothers and Babies: Mood and Health Research Program
George Washington University

Deborah Perry, Ph.D.
Georgetown University
Center for Child and Human Development
Ricardo F. Muñoz, Ph.D.
Latino Mental Health Research Program
University of California San Francisco
Palo Alto University
Alinne Barrera, Ph.D.
Palo Alto University

Tamar Mendelson, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University

Previous Staff Members and Interns

We would like to thank the following people for their support of the Mothers and Babies Program, through their efforts as former staff and interns with Team MB!

Research Staff:

Aria DeGillio, BA, Research Assistant
Buthaina Hakamy, MBBS, Research Assistant
Cindy Jimenez, BA, Research Assistant
Dana Zakieh, BA, Research Assistant
Florencia Romero, BS, Research Assistant
Isabel Munoz, MPH, Research Assistant
Jesus Solano-Martinez, BA, Research Assistant
Laura Campbell, MBA, MPH, Research Project Coordinator
Molly McGown, MPH, MA, Research Project Coordinator
Melissa Segovia, BA, MS, Research Project Coordinator
Mya Achike, MPH, Research Assistant

Current Interns:
Rebecca Tupuritis, MSW candidate

Past Interns:
Abigail Fate
Anna Cohen
Asia Ashford
Carlie Cope
Channon Campbell
Hee Jin Park
Katie Michel
Katherine Cohen
Kenneth Lim
Kiernan McVay
Mariana Isaac
Maegan Ramchal
Nadezh Mulholland
Norah Kilpatrick
Sadie Montgomery
Sarani Pachalla
Virlyn Collantes


We would like to thank the Robert R. McCormick Foundation for their support of the Mothers and Babies Program, including the development of this website.

The ongoing support and collaboration of the State of Illinois Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development has made our work with Illinois Home Visiting Programs possible, in cooperation with the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership.

We are committed to improving the lives of women, children and families through rigorous research addressing perinatal mental health, made possible by our generous sponsors: ASCEND, The Aspen Institute; Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions, Friends of Prentice; Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation; the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute; and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The Mothers and Babies Program Team is part of The Center for Community Health at Northwestern University‘s Institute for Public Health and Medicine.

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