EPIC Study

Effects of a Prenatal Depression Preventive Intervention on Parenting and Young Children’s Self-Regulation and Functioning (EPIC)

EPIC is a 5-year NICHD-funded research study looking at long-term outcomes of the Mothers and Babies group intervention on parenting and early child development. This project builds on previous work that has demonstrated MB’s effects on improving maternal mental health outcomes and will examine the intervention’s longer-term impact on parenting and child self-regulation from 30-54 months of age. This project may have great benefit to society, as preventive interventions delivered prenatally have the potential to influence long-term trajectories of parenting practices and child development, which, in turn, can chart a course for future child health and well-being.

Darius Tandon, PhD, Principal Investigator

Alicia Diebold, MSW, Research Data Analyst

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Institute for Public Health & Medicine, Center for Community Health
Chicago, IL

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If you are current participant in our study or have questions about participating, check out some of our frequently asked questions! To contact us, please email us at mbgroup@northwestern.edu.

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