Mothers & Babies 1-on-1 in Home Visiting

Determining the Effectiveness of the Mothers and Babies 1-on-1 Intervention Compared to Usual Care Home Visiting Program Services

This pilot study tested the effectiveness of the adapted Mothers and Babies (MB) 1-on-1 intervention. A cluster randomized trial was conducted with 14 home visiting programs, where 8 programs delivered MB 1-on-1 and 6 delivered usual home visiting, all by existing home visiting staff. One hundred twenty pregnant women were enrolled, and maternal mental health outcomes were assessed at prenatal baseline and 3- and 6-months postpartum. Women who received MB 1-on-1 alongside their usual home visits had significantly reduced depression and anxiety symptoms, at 6 months postpartum, compared with women who received home visits without MB. 

See our manuscripts on adapting MB from a group to individual intervention, and this MB 1-on-1 effectiveness trial.