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Mothers & Babies Manuals

MB Manuals are shared here for MB-trained programs and providers.

Please do not implement Mothers & Babies without training.

See our training recommendations here, and please contact our MB Team with inquiries.

Individual Format

MB 1-on-1  (9 sessions)

Facilitator Guide (English / Spanish)

Participant Workbook (English / Spanish)

NEW! Cultural Adaptation for Tribal Communities

Individual Participant Worksheets

1.1    Stressors that can affect the mother-baby relationship (English/Spanish)
1.2    How the Mothers & Babies course can help you (English/Spanish)
1.3    What is mindfulness and breath awareness (English/Spanish) (Audio EN/SP)
1.4    Your mood and your personal reality (English/Spanish)
1.5    Quick mood scale (English/Spanish)
2.1 Violet and Mary’s days (English/Spanish)
2.2 Pleasant activities list (English/Spanish)
2.3 Mindfulness practice – Body scan (English/Spanish) (Audio EN/SP)
2.4 What do you like to do? (English/Spanish)
3.1 Overcoming obstacles (English/Spanish)
3.2 Make a personal commitment (English/Spanish)
3.3 Personal commitment calendar (English/Spanish)
3.4 How do babies learn? (English/Spanish)
3.5 From birth to age 1: Some things babies like to do (English/Spanish)
3.6 Mindfulness practice – Walking meditation (English/Spanish) (Audio EN/SP)
3.7 Quick mood scale & pleasant activities (English/Spanish)
4.1 What are thoughts? (English/Spanish)
4.2 Violet and Mary’s days (English/Spanish)
4.3 Mindfulness practiceLeaves on a Stream (English/Spanish) (Audio EN/SP)
4.4 Helpful thoughts and unhelpful thoughts (English/Spanish)
5.1 Unhelpful thought patterns and challenging them (English/Spanish)
5.2 Ways to change unhelpful thoughts (English/Spanish)
5.3 Stopping unhelpful thoughts (English/Spanish)
6.1 Thoughts about being a mother (English/Spanish)
6.2 Thinking about your baby’s future (English/Spanish)
6.3 Thinking about your future (English/Spanish)
6.4 Quick Mood Scale & Thoughts (English/Spanish)
7.1 Relationship between mood and contact with others (English/Spanish)
7.2 Violet and Mary’s days (English/Spanish)
7.3 Mindfulness practice – Web of life (English/Spanish) (Audio EN/SP)
7.4 Quick mood scale and contact with people (English/Spanish)
8.1 The people in my life (English/Spanish)
8.2 People in my life and they ways they support me (English/Spanish)
8.3 Role changes and disagreements (English/Spanish)
8.4 People who provide support for me and my baby (English/Spanish)
9.1 Communication styles and your mood (English/Spanish)
9.2 Getting your needs met (English/Spanish)

MB 1-on-1 Instructor Manual (12 sessions)

MB 1-on-1 Participant Manual (12 sessions)

Graduation Certificate (Spanish)

Group Format

Group Instructor Manual (6 sessions)

Group Participant Manual (6 sessions)

Graduation Certificate (English/Spanish)




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