Tips for Self-Care

Tips for Self-Care: Don’t Forget About You!

Many new moms are so busy taking care of their babies that they forget to take care of themselves. Try one of the tips below to nurture yourself! It may feel difficult to do things to take care of yourself, but there are lots of things that can be done quickly and that don’t require you to spend money.

  • Mommy Break: Ask someone you trust to watch the baby while you nap, bathe, read, shop, talk on the phone, anything! Short breaks are a necessity, not a luxury.
  • Moms’ Night: Set a regular time (weekly or monthly) to meet with other moms—with or without the kids.
  • Pamper Yourself: Get a manicure, a new hairstyle, or ask your partner for a massage. Do something nice for yourself.
  • Relax: Put your feet up, and try to take at least a few minutes a day just for yourself. Remember—even a few minutes helps!
  • Help: You don’t have to do it all. Accept help when it is offered.

Many moms enjoy getting outdoors and participating in some type of physical activity, especially when the weather is nice. Even if you have not been active before, you can be active during and after your pregnancy by using the simple tips below.

  • Go for a Walk around the block, in a local park, or in a shopping mall with a family member or friend. If you already have children, take them with you and make it a family outing. Even newborns can enjoy getting out for some fresh air!
  • Get Up and Move around at least once an hour if you sit in a chair most of the day. When watching TV, get up and move around during commercials. Dance while listening to your favorite song. Even a simple activity like walking in place can help.

Because each pregnancy is different, remember to always follow your doctor’s
advice about what types of physical activity are right for you.

Did You Know?

Breastfeeding Can Be Healthy for You AND Your Baby!

Benefits for Baby:

  • Helps protect baby from colds and ear infections
  • Breast milk is full of nutrients your baby needs to grow
  • Breast milk is easier to digest

Benefits for Mom:

  • Can help you lose weight
  • Helps you bond with your baby
  • Releases hormones that help you relax
  • It’s free!

Regular Physical Activity is Good for You and Your Baby!


  • Strengthens the muscles needed for labor and delivery
  • Helps control mood swings
  • Reduces some of the discomforts of pregnancy (e.g., swelling, leg cramps, shortness of breath, backache, and constipation)
  • Gives you more energy
  • Helps achieve healthy weight gain
  • Decreases your risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy




Looking for a fun activity for the whole family?

Do you like the Park?
Many park districts have many activities for the whole family. Many parks feature walking paths, playgrounds, swimming pools, and other options for physical activity for all ages.

Contact your local town or County Park to see what they have to offer.

Have you checked out your local library?
Public Libraries have many activities like hosting weekly story time for Moms, Dads, and Babies. Hearing books read aloud helps your baby’s young brain grow strong and ready to read. To find your local library click here and call your local library to see what they have to offer.


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