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MB Training Content and Format

  • MB training provides a detailed overview of the Mothers & Babies curriculum, referencing both individual and group modalities, using in-person and virtual methods
  • Participants have opportunities to practice MB activities in small groups
  • Discussion includes client selection recommendations and implementation planning

Virtual Training

Training consists of a 3-session series of live webinars lasting 3 hours each, with multiple Master MB Trainers. An additional hour may be dedicated to Trainer training, for program managers/supervisors, clinicians/mental health consultants, in order to help build and sustain MB training capacity in the organization and region. 

In-Person Training*

Mothers & Babies (MB) training consists of a 1.5 – 2-day in-person training, typically held at the host program location, lead by one or more Master Trainers from the Mothers & Babies Team at Northwestern or a certified MB Master Trainer.

*Note: We are not currently scheduling in-person training sessions. MB training and consultation activities are currently being conducted remotely, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Implementation Support

  • Following training, monthly phone/video consultation is typically provided over 6-9 months for trainers and staff as they implement Mothers & Babies training and intervention delivery for the first time, to promote adoption, fidelity
  • Additional consultation calls, 9-12 months following training, focus on sustaining MB implementation.


  • We conduct evaluations, via 2 online surveys of trainee/provider experiences with MB training (post-training) and implementation (12, 24, and 36 months after starting MB implementation)
  • Results are shared with leadership and discussed during MB consultation.
  • We have additional evaluation recommendations to assess the impact of MB with clients and meeting program goals.

Trainer Certification

  • To ensure that intervention providers receive high-quality training as well as ongoing support to implement the MB intervention effectively and with fidelity, MB Trainers should meet our MB Trainer Certification standards.

Training Costs

  • Training costs reflect the time and effort of MB trainers to conduct training, implementation consultation, implementation evaluation, and sustainment planning with participating programs, over a 12-36 month period. The scope of work (e.g. size/number of trainings, number of programs/teams needing consultation support) dictates the total budget.
  • Here is an overview of training costs based on the scope of work
  • MB Manuals are free for use and accessible to download from our website. We recommend providing printed MB Manuals for staff and clients.
  • Additional in-person training costs include travel and accommodation for trainers, as well as provision of appropriate space, refreshments and print materials for training participants.
  • Please contact the MB Expansion Team with requests for additional information about MB training.



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