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In-Person Training*

*Note: We are not currently scheduling in-person training sessions. MB training and consultation activities are currently being conducted remotely, 

Mothers & Babies (MB) training consists of a 1 – 2 day in-person training, typically held at the host program location, lead by 1-2 Master Trainers from the Mothers & Babies Team at Northwestern or a certified MB trainer.

  • MB training provides a detailed overview of the Mothers & Babies curriculum, referencing both individual and group modalities, allows participants to practice leading MB activities, and includes discussion about implementation planning and supervision.
  • Following training, we provide implementation support, via monthly consultation calls, to promote adoption, fidelity, and sustainability
  • It is recommended all staff and supervisors who will be implementing MB should attend. If your agency works with a Mental Health Consultant, they can be included in the training and consultation in order to provide ongoing support.

Here is a brief description of the Mothers and Babies intervention, and the MB effectiveness research, to provide you and your team with more information.

Training Costs

Training costs typically include travel and accommodations for trainers, consultation fees for ongoing supervision of providers as they implement the curriculum for the first time, and evaluation support in order to assess provider acceptability and outcomes.

Please contact the Mothers and Babies Expansion Coordinator with requests for additional information about MB training.

Web-Based Training

For programs or individuals that have received Mothers & Babies training, who are interested in a “refresher” training, or want to train new staff, the following videos and accompanying slides provide a MB Training Overview.

Mothers and Babies Training Slides


Who may be certified as an MB Trainer?

To ensure that MB providers receive high-quality training as well as support from the NU Team, MB Trainers should be certified in accordance with – at a minimum – the standards in the document below: (check with your program or network for additional program-specific requirements):

MB Trainer Certification Guidelines_Updated 2019 July


Mothers & Babies Training Videos


The Purpose of Mothers & Babies

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MB Course Review

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Supervision Recommendations


1 on 1 Format

Supervision for MB 1-on-1 intervention entails monthly sessions for 6 to 12 months, conducted by phone or Skype. These supervision meetings are intended to debrief the most recently completed session and plan for the upcoming session, as providers work through the 12-session curriculum with their first few clients.

Group Format

Supervision for MB group intervention entails weekly one-hour sessions (once before the group starts and then between each intervention session) conducted by phone or Skype. These supervision meetings are intended to debrief the most recently completed session and plan for the upcoming session.

Mothers & Babies Modules


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