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MB Implementation Resources

The following resources are available to assist with implementing Mothers and Babies in your organization and practice.  Additional resources are being developed, so please revisit our website periodically.

How should we select clients to receive the MB intervention?

Are there MB recruitment materials we can share with clients?

How do you introduce Mothers & Babies to clients?

Can I use MB with families who have older children?

  • Yes! Try making minor changes to the language, e.g., changing mother and baby to parent and child, and using developmental and family-specific examples and activities.
  • Here is a sample MB Group manual that was adapted for families with school-age children.

Are there intervention materials and recommendations for fathers?

  • We have recently developed the Fathers and Babies (FAB) intervention.  More information about FAB is available on our Research page.
  • This FAB toolkit includes excerpts and recommendations for using the intervention with fathers.
  • The Fatherhood Research and Practice Network shares resources for father engagement.

How do I integrate Mindfulness Practice into MB with my clients?

Do you recommend using MB with clients with low literacy?

What are some good resources about Perinatal mental health?

  • This 1-page description of common mood problems (EN/SP) can be shared and discussed with clients 
  • Here is a free provider toolkit for family service providers
  • We have prepared a brief presentation about perinatal mental health

Do you have recommendations for supervision?

Do you have resources for training staff, after I have received training?

  • Here are a number of resources to support MB training

Virtual MB delivery recommendations (view in Spanish)

Virtual MB Group recommendations (view in Spanish)

What is fidelity-consistent adaptation and how can I adapt Mothers and Babies to meet the needs of my clients? 

How do I deliver MB to a client with a trauma history? 

Click here to access the video, “My Parents, My Teachers”, in English or Spanish

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